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Mirror Effect- Martin's Motivational Minutes

Brie Downsize Fitness Martin Nutrition Support Training Weight Loss

Brie always reminds us about the mirroring effect and that you get out of life what you are willing to put in.

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Brie's Perspective On Weight-Loss

Brie Downsize Fitness Nutrition Support Training Weight Loss

I have been there. Addicted, lost, scared and grasping for straws. T
here is no quick fix and no matter what, times passes. The daily choices we make, decide the path we are on; the same or a new healthier one. We all see this mountain we have to climb as steep and arduous...but everything is hard. You have to choose your hard. Is it hard living in pain? We constantly wish we could lose weight fast; we don't celebrate small victories, we focus on speed bumps rather than milestones.


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Welcome To Downsize Orleans!

Brie Downsize Fitness Jay Kayleen Martin Nutrition Support Training Weight Loss

Here at Downsize, we are here to catch you when you you fall off and get you back on track. Brie and Martin have been there and they know the struggles of weight loss and how hard it can be. They have been through it themselves and bring their experiences to the gym to help you be the best you can be.


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