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But Enough About Me...(For Now)

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Over the next few blogs I want to introduce you to some of the people who inspire and drive me. I am surrounded by a like minded community who shares in the successes and struggles of our journey. It is so important to have a system like this in place when working hard to achieve your goal. 

There is no one I want to introduce you to more than the beauty and brains behind with wonderful place called Downsize. Everyone, meet Brie...Brie, meet everyone :D 

Brianne is the power house in front of most classes each and every day. She runs Downsize along with her husband Martin and every class, every squat, ever drop of sweat and every pound lost is because this inspiring lady decided one day to take control of her own health. 

Brie's journey started like most of us. Unfit, unhealthy and tired of hearing doctors tell her there were things she just can't do. Not one to back down from a challenge, Brie lost the unhealthy weight, not just once, but twice, the second time keeping it off and maintaining her health and drive. You can read more about her journey here to see how far she has come. 

 I walked into Downsize at my worst. I was at my highest weight, my most unhealthy and probably my most unhappy. I walked into that gym, and Brie welcomed me with a huge smile. I knew after 2 classes that this place was different. 

Having someone who knows your struggles and understands where your mind and body limitations are make all the difference in your own journey. I would not be successful without her cheering me on, kicking my ass when I needed it, and supporting me through my lows. And I am not unique. She puts this passion and dedication into each and everyone of her members. Each and everyday she lives what she preaches, and supports everyone around her to succeed and push themselves. She is an amazing role model to everyone at Downsize and especially her two wonderful kids who already follow in mom's footsteps, making smart choices and dancing up a storm any chance they get. 

She is by far the first person I turn to when I need a boost, a push or a shoulder to lean on. Thank you Brie for making the change in yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone to do the same for our Downsize family.

Love you lots BFFL. 

 12 minute plank with perfect form...no biggy from this beauty!


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  • Kay on

    Thank you both so much! I can’t wait to share more about everyone around me and this awesome community we have! <3

  • Keri HUgh on

    Thank you for shay your journey with the world. It’s a beautiful tribute to this amazing mentor and friend.
    BTW… you look fantastic!

  • Chief on

    Great Blog post Kayleen. I support everything you wrote here. Where would all of us be without our fearless leader Brie ? She is so deserving of praise and recognition for all she does !

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