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Checking In

It has been 1 week since I went back to basics and set myself a SMART goal (if you missed that blog, you can read about it here). I am finding that I am more motivated, and less hard on myself then I have been in the past. 

I am right on track to hit my first SMART goal of 10lbs and my week hasn't been perfect. Playing within this goal has allowed me to be human, to take time that is needed for myself and for those small mistakes that in the past would have thrown off my whole week. 

For example, I chose the chicken at lunch one day, thinking it was the best option for me and my WOE. Turn out it wasn't...but that's ok! Even though it probably set me back a little bit, I'm still on track for my SMART goal. It was easier to shake it off and keep going. 

Has anyone else set a SMART goal for themselves this week? I'd love to hear about how it is going and how it is working for you. 

I haven't been to the gym this week, life got in the way and downtime was needed to keep my happy and healthy :D But Jay and I will back at it tomorrow! I missed the pain :) 

Speaking of pain...Brie introduced her new 2.0 class, Hurricane...wondering how everyone is walking after that ;) I hear it was a good one!

Have a great week all! Be kind to yourself and your health. We got this! 


Check out April's class schedule here, and try something new!

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