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My One and Only

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I think that one of the most important parts about any journey is the people you decide to travel with. Well let me introduce you to my sidekick, my cheerleader, the love of my life, my hubby Jay. 

Jay joined me in this journey about 2 months after I started. I will be honest, after the first class, I did not think he was going to last. He was uncomfortable, out of his element, and maybe when I tried to tell him to engage his core I shouldn't have told him to suck in his bad, I will choose my words wisely next time :S

If you had met Jay during that first month, you wouldn't believe he is the same man you would meet today. In his first year at the gym, Jay lost 120 lbs. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this man. It was something he never thought he could do, but that didn't stop him. He put aside his fears, his self doubt and his complete lack of motivation to put his health first. The milestones we celebrated together are many, but I will share some of my favourites.

Jay was feeling extremely discouraged one day. He didn't see the progress he was making, but man did I. His pants were hanging off of him. I finally convinced him to go shopping for a new outfit for an upcoming wedding. We found a pair of pants he liked and he tried on one size, then other, then another. The last time we went shopping it was one size, then another size up, then another size up. This time, Jay went down 10...that's right 10 pant sizes! It was the first time I saw him smile coming out of a change room. Those pants lasted him 1 wedding before they were too big. 

Christmas of last year, I drove back to our hometown early, and Jay flew up to meet me after. He texted me a picture from the plane to let me know he no longer needed a belt extender. 

The weigh-in day that we realized between the two of us we had lost and entire person, 180 lbs. 

There are so many more, and many more to come. We are not done this journey yet, and I guess if you do it right, the journey never ends, it just slows down and becomes a less bumpy road. 

I wouldn't want to have anyone else other than Jay in my corner. He is my rock, my inspiration, and I couldn't see myself traveling this road with anyone else.

Love you much Jay. Thank you for being you. <3


Then and Now(ish). How far we have come!


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  • Kay on

    Thanks Chief <3 It has been so great getting to know you! We are so proud of your progress and you are now an inspiration and awesome coach for so many!!

  • Coach on

    Great read yet again! Downsize’s other Power Couple, I’m so glad I’ve got you both in my corner. Jay’s journey has so many similarities to my own, and he played an integral role in my journey without even knowing it. Proud of you both, and proud to call you friends.

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