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NSV and why the scale is an a**hole :D

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Happy Monday all! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Lots of Santa Claus parades and festivities around here. Fun to watch the wee ones get so excited!. 

This weekend was a lot of sleeping for me, and though my eyes are not any better, my brain got the rest it needed. I'm ready to take on the world again :D 

These past few weeks at Downsize have been busy ones, and I know there are tons of people out there celebrating some awesome wins! It is so great to see our Downsize family celebrating along side each and everyone. It makes the journey that much more fun. 

There are other wins that we need to talk about as well. Those None Scale Victories that show progress and change even when that silly scale does not. We on had a ton of those recently at Downsize and I want to showcase a few ways in which we do that. I think it is so important for everyone on this journey to remember that the scale is not King and we don't have to listen to it all the time.

One way we do that is with measurements. You often hear the saying that muscle weighs more than fat. Well that isn't true, 1lb of fat and 1lb of muscle both weigh, well 1lb. But muscle is more dense than fat, which means 1lb of muscle will take up less room in your body then 1lb of fat. So if you led a lifestyle that didn't include regular workouts before, and you are killing it at the gym, most likely you are replacing fat, which takes up a lot of space, with muscle which takes up less space.

This also means that the scale may not show a huge drop, because you are switching out that fat for new muscle. What it does mean though is that the best way to see your progress is through a measuring tape. If you are replacing fat with muscle, the scale isn't going to tell that (jerk scale it is) but the measuring tape will. Let me introduce you to a few of the none scale success' we've had lately. 



These lovely people have had huge none scale victories in the inches lost department which may or may not have shown on the scale. Can you imagine if we weighed (no pun intended) out successes on the scale only? The thing is an a**hole. It only gives you a small portion of what you have succeeded in doing. I am so proud of each and everyone one of you for killing it!

Other NSV come at times when you least expect it. For me, the came when I went off my blood pressure and diabetic medication, every pant size I dropped and most recently, being able to buy a smaller bed with Jay, because we just didn't need the kingsize anymore. 

I have seen some great ones around Downsize as well.

Zipping up that coat with ease when last year it wouldn't do up at all (way to go Chris and Danielle!)

Being able to walk in Costco and fit into their clothes (whoot whoot Lori!)

Trying on the XXL because they didn't have the bigger size you normally wear and it fitting (amazing Chris!) 

Not needing to take as much of your pain meds because you are in fact doing an amazing job and doing your body good (goooo Nathalie!)

When seat belts fit on an airplane without an extender with room to spare (am I right Steph, Adrian and Jay?)

Finding a plan you can take with you even while on vacation (Valerie for the win!). 

Wedding rings needing to be stored away until they can get resized because they are falling off (Yasss Marianne and Me!)

I know I am missing some, so please leave a comment on all the awesome NSV you have celebrated! Success should be shared and celebrated together!

Then of course there is the gym victories, those that are made inside the gym, with every weight lifted, squat done and plank mastered. These goals show us that we are doing good by our bodies too. Every curl, press and pulldown that is just a little bit more than the last, those are the things success is made of. Not just that stupid # on the scale.


So when you are quantifying your success, don't forget those none scale victories, the ones that should stand out more and the ones we often forget. When the scale is demotivating you and discouraging you, put it away. There are so many better ways to see how fantasticly awesome you are doing <3

Come see what you can achieve! 

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  • Kay on

    Sandra that is so great! We have an awesome community of love and support here <3 Excited to have you as part of the family!

  • Sandra Moldovan on

    Still sucking up as much info as I can being a newbie and all! This is the second blog I’ve read and it’s awesome and so true and because it’s true your intended audience (us) get it! Thanx to you and everyone I’ve met so far! I find every persons success to be a true inspiration! So again, thanx!

  • Kay on

    Thanks Chief! I couldn’t be more proud of each and every person here! <3

  • Chief on

    Such an important Blog ! Amazing read as always Kay, love it !

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