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I read something in another group I am in (I can't remember the wording) but basically it was; It doesn't matter what road you are on, if you are doing low carb, or shakes, or counting calories etc...as long as it is healthy, as long as you are working towards bettering yourself and what you are doing works for you, that is all that matters. We can support each other traveling in the same direction down different paths, and we can do it without judging. We can offer advice, let people know what works for us and listen to others as they let you know what works for them. We can use the advice, or not, but we can be polite. Most of all, regardless of what someone is doing, we can relate. We are all doing the same thing, there is just many different ways to achieve that same thing. So keep rocking it Donwsizers...whatever you are doing, if it works for you, and is healthy, do it! Be proud, tell people and love yourself enough to keep on moving. You all inspired me when I needed it the most and I thank you all for that  Thank you!


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