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Happy Sunday all! Hope last week was kind to you! Jay and I did for sure :D

So last week we had a chat about the scale and my experiment of weighing myself everyday for a month and how it did weird things to my head. I had asked on our Facebook page about what you all think of the scale and I was surprised to see that we were split down the middle on staying on or off the scale. I spent sometime thinking about it and it made sense. We are all here for the same general reason, to get fit, healthy and lose weight, however we are all taken a 1000 different paths to get there. 

Some feedback I got was that many liked the scale to keep themselves in check and make sure that they are not moving to far away from the path they are one. Some said that the scale was a great tool once a month to check in and confirm that process. Others had a hate hate relationship and stepped on it as little as possible. These are all ok. Whatever works for you is what you should be doing.


So I've been thinking about my process and what I want to achieve and when I want to get there and I realized something. I stopped setting goals for myself. My goal in the beginning wasn't so much to lose weight. It was actually to get off all my medication, control my blood sugar and lower my blood pressure. I did that, and I had to go for regular checkups for 6 months to make sure I maintained that. So my new goal was to make sure I stayed off the medication. 

Once I got a clear bill of heath, and was no longer needing the medication, I stopped setting goals for myself. So I was sprinting to a finish line that didn't even exist. 

So today, I wanted to introduce, and remind everyone about SMART goals. SMART goals are used in a lot of places, work, sports, weight loss...anywhere you need to accomplish something that isn't going to give immediate result or reward. It can stand for a few things and there are different ways to apply it, but for me, this works.

So, for weight loss, a good smart goal would look like this:

Lose 10 lbs over the next 2 months. 

You specific (lose weight) measurable (10 lbs) achievable (yes) realistic (yes) time bound (1 month) goal checks off all the needs for a smart goal. 

 My weight loss goals in the past have been just that...lose weight. Who is to say they are even achievable or what success looks like when there is no specific measurable. 

So today I am going to set a SMART goal for myself. Actually...the goal above is mine ; )

I will use the scale as a tool, and I will celebrate all my none scale victories, because my worth (and yours) does not come from the numbers on a scale. We are all so much more, and we need to start remembering that the scale is not the end all to be all, that it is just a tool to help guide us on our path.

I will share my progress as I go and let you know how my first SMART weight loss goal goes :D Thanks for going down this journey with me!


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