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The Hardest Pound Lost-Jay's Story

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Jay is guest blogging for me today! I forgot to post it last night with all the fun of the 12 days of Christmas (Check out our Facebook page here to see what's been going on). This one is near to my heart because, well he's my hubby, and I have been with him every step of this journey. I also know this month has been tough for us with me being sick...I can't say how proud I am of him. That despite the stress this months has cause, he has stayed the course and kept doing good for himself. I'm so proud you Jay, I can never say that enough. So here is a continuation of Jay's story. You can read the first part here is you haven't already

The Hardest Pound Lost

Its been a long few months. I've just finishing fighting my way through the hardest pound I've ever had to lose. It wasn't the first pound, and I think it's harder than the last pound I will ever have to lose. Today I crossed the border from 274 lbs to 273 lbs.

Why was this pound the hardest I've ever had to lose? That's because it brought along 30 of its previously dispatched friends. The hardest pound I've ever had to lose was hidden under the 30 I put on top of it.

Losing weight is a fair fight for the most part. You eat a deficit of calories, and you lose weight. You take your weight loss ounce for ounce, pound for pound. Sometimes it has ups and downs, no two days are quite the same. But its a fair fight, you against your next lowest. But sometimes we stumble. You stumble for a day or two, and you land back in your routine, and the fight stays pretty fair. Sometimes you stumble for months, like I did. You get back on, you go down, but then you stumble again and go back up. And each time you start up, you're stuck thinking "I've already done this. If I'd just kept it up, I'd be so much farther ahead".

Mentally, a single pound getting stuck between you and your next goal isn't likely to be what breaks you. You break when you least expect it. A day where your food wasn't perfect and you went off the rails. A vacation that you're sure you will get back on plan afterwards. It wasn't your current weight that broke you, but then you try to get back on board and you find that fair fight is gone. You're now outnumbered, one person against a bunch of enemies you thought you'd never see again. My biggest slip was saying "I've already gotta lose that 10 lbs again, whats the danger in taking a bit more of a break."

For the first time since January of this year, I'm making progress again. And I hope this can be a helpful learning experience for some. Letting those pounds gang up on you can make your fight that much harder. We all slip, we all stumble. But the faster you catch yourself, the sooner you can get to that rematch!

Sometimes I don't even recognize the man on the right anymore...he has changed his health so much in the past 2 years and looks good doing it ;) 

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  • James Cameron on

    Wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the kind words Dan! I’ve always hoped that, by being as public as possible about this journey, that I would encourage others to do the same. Knowing that this struggle that seems like its only on your shoulders is being shared by others has helped me keep going, and I hope I do the same for others too. Keep up the good work! In the end, all the ups and downs even out to straight progress and, as long as the good outweighs the bad, the destination stays the same.

  • HappyDann on

    Like others who have posted I also take inspiration from this blog entry. Jay’s Story is honest, human, and reminds me that I am not alone in the challenges I face, both mentally and physically. Jay, and others like him who share parts of their journey publicly, help people like me not feel so alone when facing the stuggles of losing significant amounts of weight. I am somewhat anti-social so blogs like this are a great way for me to hear about what others go through. It helps me feel connected to something larger.
    I am a member at the same gym as Jay and he has inspired me for many months now, and I’m sure he has no clue.
    We have crossed paths only a few times, but thoughout the many months it seems like each time I would see him he once again lost a few more pounds. I do not see him daily, weekly or even monthly, so I do not see the ups and downs, I just see someone getting smaller every few months lol … and it’s inspiring to see someone acheive goals that I am also setting for myself. I know that if I continue at my own pace I will acheive those great loses as well.
    When I look at Jay’s before/after photo above I cannot help but notice that water was only $0.25 (great price!) and even though the beard is trying to hide it, I see the well deserved SMILE in the after photo :) Keep up the great work Jay … you are inspiring me.

  • ut James Cameron on

    Hey Sandra and Mel!

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful comments. It wasn’t easy to write, but I think we all need to remember at the end of they day, no one is perfect and that is 100% ok. I think sometimes it is that quest for perfection that ends with us shooting ourselves in the foot. If you are steering that wagon it is harder for it to get away from you, right Mel? I’m so glad it hit home with both of you! We got this!!

  • Sandra Moldovan on

    Jay, your journey is one of true inspiration! I love to read about the success’ but know deep down that it’s never a smooth and flawless journey so thanx for sharing your journey and for letting us all know that we’re just human and consequently we stumble and fall and that it’s okay! The pounds to me are really important but so is the measuring tape and I feel that the measuring tape is mightier than the scale! You’ve achieved huge success with both! You are a rock star! Thanx for sharing!

  • Mel on

    What an inspirational blog entry! I know Jay’s wife Kayleen – I have seen their transformation and progress on Facebook – they are both doing so well! It’s amazing to see a couple encourage each other as they have! Having someone share their battle, admit that they slipped is inspirational as it’s growth – he’s realized that he is human and things happen and what’s even more inspirational is he has caught himself and is now back on track! Falling of the wagon is a bitter truth that most do not acknowledge and let themselves go back to where they were when they started – it’s something most feel ashamed about and instead of seeking helping, they hide and go backwards. So congrats Jay on this growth and cheers to the next part of your journey!

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