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It's Our Time!

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It's that time of the year! Where everyone is making resolutions and getting healthier and more fit. It is really inspiring to see so many people putting time and effort into themselves. This also means that there will be newer faces around the gym. What a great way to meet people and share in successes and struggles. I love the New Year!

What I don't like seeing is the crazy fad diets that float around in full force this time of the year. There are many many ways to loose weight, and you need to find what works for you. As long as it is healthy, nutritious and benefits your body, go for it!

But be ware the diets that promise "24lb lost in 2 weeks". The one I just saw claimed an egg fast...yummy little nutritious power houses they are! When I opened the web page I was met with a meal plan that allowed for 2 boiled eggs and the juice squeeze from 1 lemon...what the hell is that?? How is that even something someone would eat? Of corse you will loose 24lbs if you eat are going to starve yourself! 

So when you are making a resolution and looking to get healthier and more fit grab that motivation and run with it (literally if you like). But please pick something that will not only work for you but be sustainable as well. You can't live off 2 eggs and lemon juice and you are going to set yourself up to fail. 

A plan that you will be able to stick with is a plan you can actually eat on. Remember, will power is fleeting. If you are on a plan where you are not enjoying it and constantly have to use your will power to get through, you have not found a plan that will set you up for success. 

This goes the same for your workout routine. Find something you love to do and you won't find yourself making excuses not to go. 

Whatever path this New Years takes you down, find the right path for you. If you do, it will lead you right to health and fitness. 

This is your year! Join us for a free trial and see what you can do! 

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