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Trust the Process

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Hey friends! 

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last bit, life has been busy and I needed to take a break to get myself back on track and sorted. Something had to give, and I am learning more and more that it does no one any good if I try to juggle it all :)

Last we chatted, I had vowed to weigh myself everyday to see the ups and downs of weight loss. I did...for almost a month. Let me tell you...that was not an experiment I would not wish on anyone. It was not fun. It did things to my motivation that I didn't think possible this stage in the game. It was awful. I actually rebounded a bit and gained. I'm not blaming the daily weigh in, as it was all me and my decisions. But man it didn't help. is what it looked like before I stopped. 

It started out great! I was going down and down and down. A few days I went up a wee bit, but that was ok, I could handle that. Then I jumped...not just a bit, but a lot. I was mad, frustrated, discouraged. I was doing everything right. I was eating well, working out. The scale, went up, I shook it off and kept at it. It went up again, and again and again. Then I broke, I ate a bunch of shit, stuff I didn't need, stuff that made me feel like garbage. Then they cycle continued, I'd get back on for a couple of days, it would drop, then go up, I would eat like crap, and start again.

It was not fun. It was not good for my brain or my health. I hated every minute of it. It was not productive, or useful or motivating at all. It sucked. 

I noticed a few other things as well. The more I posted my weight loss in MFP, the less and less people seemed to notice, the less people "liked" my status and the less encouragement I got. Which makes sense...I overloaded people with my's like a social media overload. I suspect as well, my continued loss posts discouraged some as well. "What is she doing different to get results". All those things that we say to ourselves when we compare ourselves to others. 

Anyway, I'm glad I did it, glad it's over. I will never do it again. I'm not going to be a slave to the scale. Starting soon in fact, I'm only weighing myself once a week, and I won't even be looking at the number. Someone else will. I will trust the process and listen to my body. More to come about that :D Hope everyone is enjoying the sun and coming out of hibernating! It's time to get moving :D 


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