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Week 1

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Morning all! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I did, though I think more downtime is needed next. 

Week 1 for me is done and I am calling it a success. I decided that for the next little bit I am going to weigh myself everyday. I want to see the trends, the overall ups and downs, what foods and drinks get me into trouble. Those types of things. I also want to show everyone that weight loss, even when successful, isn't a downward slope of always loosing. It is ups and downs, frustrations and struggles. I will keep you all up to date as I see what's going on :D 

This week I logged a 6.4 lb loss. This was done by adjusting my food drastically, but I did not get to the gym at all in that first week (though I did last night so I'm giving myself props for that :D).

You will hear a lot that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% working out and sure, you can get rid of the excess with diet only, but the gym is going to help you stay focused, motivated and driven. Food can get boring, the gym adds variety. It also tones you while you loose and keeps you strong and moving forward. To me, diet and gym go hand in hand. I wouldn't have found nutritional support if I hadn't found the gym and I have learnt so much in the past 2 years through Downsize. 

My way of eating is considered lazy keto I guess. A high fat, low carb way of eating. Some would say that true keto is very strict, and there is a lot of cannot haves (like peanuts) but I'm not that strict. I cut out high carb foods like bread, potatoes, pasta, starches, stuff like that. I do find lower carb foods that still have grains in them but fit into my day, some will say that isn't allowed. I say this is my way of eating and I do what works for my body. I will use it as a guideline and adapt to me. I think that this is key, finding what works for you and what you can maintain and doing that. Even if it is a hybrid of 3 ways of eating. If you are loosing and healthy, great!

There can be a lot of criticism about any way of eating. Everyone thinks they know more and are experts in everything when it come to food and diet. Well I let my numbers speak for themselves. After starting LCHF I no longer had to take my blood pressure or diabetic medication. The dry rough patches of skin I had because of my insulin resistance went away. My skin cleared up and I started feeling, well, healthy again. It is what works for me personally and I want everyone to know about it so that if they think it will work for them they will know. 

At the end of the day though, if you have found something that works into your day to day, that is healthy and is working, who cares. You do what works for you. Downsize is so inclusive and the focus is on health and wellness, whatever that looks like for you. 

So find your groove and own it. Ignore those nay sayers and let them have their soap box, just because they are up there, it doesn't mean you have to listen. Let them stand and talk to know one. Prove them wrong and focus on you and how you feel and how you have changed. The results will speak for themselves :D 

Have a great week everyone!! 

Join us and see what you can achieve!



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