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Where to Start

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Hey all! 

Welcome to Downsize Fitness! We are so excited to have you here with us, and thanks for joining us on this crazy journey of health, fitness and fun!

I'm Kay, and I will be your Downsize blogger. Thank you so much for letting me tell you my story, and the story of so many like me, who are here to get fit, healthy and have some fun along the way. 

I started at Downsize almost 2 years ago now when my health was the worst it had ever been. I was on medication for blood pressure and diabetes and I was extremely unfit and unhappy. I saw an add on Facebook, much like most of you and thought...free classes? Why not. I emailed in and two classes later, I was hooked. 

I wasn't great at first. It was hard to keep up with some people in the classes, and I was easily discourage. But Brie was along side me every step of the way, guiding me and reassuring me that if I kept it up, it would get better. And it did. Before long I was keeping up with the rest and feeling strong and happier. 

However each visit to the Drs. was showing that though I was getting fitter, my health was still suffering from my (excuse the language) shitty eating habits. Ever hear the phrase you can't workout a bad diet? That was me, always at the gym and then eating garbage after. 

Finally, 3 months after I started working out, Martin suggested I start logging my food. He would monitor and give me some guidance on how I could improve. I thought...well I am paying for it, I might as well. The suggestions started coming, and the changes were not all that drastic to start. Sugar was a big no no...but we all know that. It just isn't great for you, and the sooner you kick it the better it will be. But it was the other suggestions that surprised me...eat another burger instead of the fries. Start with a 6" Sub, if you need more, get more after. 

All these little things started to add up, and before long, 3 months to be exact, I walked away from the doctors off all my blood pressure and diabetic medication. They were no longer concerned about my cholesterol and I would only have to go back for 2 more checkups to make sure all was good. 

It is crazy how a little change in your activity and food can make a huge change to your health. That was my first milestone here at Downsize, and it was just the beginning of my journey. That journey is far from over, and it hasn't been smooth sailing all the way through, but I know with the support and guidance at downsize that it isn't going backwards either, and that to me is the biggest win yet!

Below is me, 65 lbs lighter, and healthier than ever. 

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  • Kay on

    Thanks guys! <3 I have a great support system behind me!

  • Chief on

    Keep em’ coming Kayleen! Love the Blog and super proud of you!

  • Martin on

    Your story is very inspiring Kay! I am so very proud of you!

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