Without Brianne Angus, Downsize Fitness Orleans wouldn't be of existence. July 6th, 2011 was the beginning this new adventure, a true testament of perseverance and dedication.  Brie, as she likes to be called, has a dream of paying it forward and  Downsize Fitness, a Weight-loss minded Community, is her platform.

     Brianne Angus lost weight twice.  When she first lost weight in 2004, she went on a highly restrictive diet and over exercised to exhaustion on a daily basis.  She developed many physical and emotional problems along the way and at one point, lost herself and "cracked". Slowly put the weight back on, giving up that insane lifestyle.  

     She got married in 2007 and got told she could never have kids unless she went to a fertility clinic.  Then, the clinic said they would not treat her if she smoked; so she quit her 14 year habit.  Shortly after, she became a mother.  In 2010, 8 months after having baby number 2 ; Brianne reached 297lbs.  As some of you may know, this is when she went back to work; and surrounded by a crowd her lovely co-worker yelped out" hey , I thought the belly was supposed to leave after the baby!" Somehow, this was the moment in time that made Brianne stop dead in her tracks and decide that she was going to do something about how she was living her life.

     This time, she knew her journey needed to be different: no fad diets, gimmicks or crazy exercise routine because she knew where that had lead her before.  So against all odds, she decided on Day 1 that she wanted to get involved in teaching fitness in the hopes of losing weight again.  Starting her certifications at around 260lbs, she wanted to be in the fitness industry and surround herself with people with similar goals. Quickly, she got certified as a personal group trainer with a specialty in kick boxing and she started teaching hesitantly but with her ideals of Day 1 in mind.  

     As her weight was rapidly dropping, stranger's attitudes about her were changing and she was getting accepted by her peers.  Staying true to herself, Brianne always reminded people that she was still the same person.  She preaches "every day you are presented with the same choices as Day 1 and everyday you have to decide which path you will choose.  You never stop walking and both paths are always a hop and a skip away."

    Today, Brianne, has sustained a 155lbs weight-loss, and is the General Manager and Health Coach of Downsize Fitness Orleans.  She teaches over 30 classes weekly classes, shares her life skills and strategies to our many members, counsels their inner battles and embraces their successes as they were her own.