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Final Results of Brie's FITTEST WINNER!
Can you believe these results!?! Blown away! The incredible drive and determination within this contest was outstanding! Competitions are neat in a way because it will increase your accountability, drive and motivation. The average % weight loss of our top 16 participants is at 7.8% in 12 weeks. A total of 618 lbs was lost in these 12 weeks. Enough with numbers These participants have become an integral part of our growing family and now huge motivators for new comers! If you are on the fence about future "competitions", they work!! :)
Happy Dann for finishing #1 >300lbs
Kayleen Cameron #1 200>x<300
And Huma Sheikh #1 <200 & Overall winner!!!
Special mentions to Jay Cameron who finished #3 overall, Chris Lavigne, Josianne Roy Sawyer & Jenn Campbell who made it tight to the finish!
Congratulations to everyone!! You are the reason that this is all Possible!!
— at Downsize Fitness.
Brie's FITTEST WINNER Challenge is at the Home Stretch. I've never seen such a close competition altogether. Records were broken in this one. If you are in the Top 6; remember the impact 10 days can do for Weight loss. The last one was decided on the final day. It Stops when you Stop. Always remember that.
Brie's FITTEST Winner most recent results!
There are 3 remaining weeks! If you've been off your game, it takes "3 weeks" to create a habit! Get back on and remember your WHY. We are here for you! Remember Brie's Extreme Weight Loss Challenge was decided in the final couple of days.
Find your North Star. We've got this!
It's that time already!! We are past the halfway point! This is were the initial motivation has past and where most need to regroup and refocus. Again, utilize the ressources available to get you where you wish to go. We are in this together. Weigh-ins are from Tuesday to Sat am. Please note ...the final weigh-in is on Dec 20- there is still time to make a difference!
Results are in for the 2nd weigh-in! The pace is off to an incredible start! #1, 2 & 3 are again in Separate categories. We are only 1/3 in and already at 364 lbs lost!!! Keep at it! Need to shake things up? Reach out to us in our private groups or personally!
We offer meal plans & private training!
Now off to prepare our Sunday Night Pump-kin Workout!!!
Join us:
Are you ready for Crazy record breaking results?
After ONLY 2 weeks in Brie's FITTEST WINNER Challenge, our participants have lost 214.4 lbs!!
Some of the drops are simply mind boggling and atypical! It proves that what we do works.
Surround yourself with like-minded people, utilize the resources available to you and you will succeed!
Remember, in life, you are your biggest competition. Focus on you and your journey; ultimately it's what matters most here. Some of you are using the Challenge as a motivator to get out of that plateau or funk you may have been in, whatever your reason, keep moving forward. Whether you are riding a wave after 2 weeks or have started slower than expected, reach out to us and to fellow Downsizers. This year, we've already surpassed 7500 lbs lost in Orleans! There's 10 weeks left! This Challenge has just begun.
Let's do this!
“Results not typical. Individual results will vary"

At Downsize , we always encourage people to find their optimal weight and live a healthier life by eating the right foods and staying active.

However, we do want to set reasonable expectations. As we all know, everyone’s body works differently. Weight loss and weight gain are no exception as they are impacted by age, gender, metabolic rate, level of activity and state of health. Individual results will vary depending on these factors

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